don’t know why i sit here
and take it
before i break it off
reach up and grab the woolen cloth
of lies and pull it down
over my own eyes
i despise women
cuz i love ‘em so dearly
but i don’t want ‘em anywhere near me

her mouth was a sieve
of dribble and nonsense
inexplicable contents
but i was sensitive
and way open minded,
a canvass for lyrical dances
shoulda heard her friggin’ parlances
she though she was clever
but i would never say never

never breaking her down
only building her up
but i guess it wasn’t enough
for that sluaaaaah!

now what do you do with a girl that’s so frisky
with a fetish for a lifestyle that’s risky?

diddle her clitoral visceral
and kiss her all over
massinging her shoulders
go from the back a la rover
try to be a great lover
wash my sheets and my covers

from her head to her toes
she would tingle with passion
gave her multiple orgasmic action

but i guess it wasn’t enough for that sluuuaaaghh
it was enough for that -ngh-

“i’m not angry, i’m just disappointed”
my queen could’ve been annointed
yet she persists, fervently kissing my lips
can’t come to grips with fate’s twist

don’t want a relationship?
werd, i understand
but i’ll be damned if i share you
with your ex-boyfriend
won’t caress the lips he’s just been kissing
won’t stick it in where he coulda just been
not really that normal
but i’ve still got morals
and besides, you don’t even do oral

but adorable
and i wanted more
down the line
wanted to spend all my time
wanted to explore your mind
candlelit dinners and wine
to say that your mine
not these vehement lines of rhyme

hit my cell on the way home from work
hung up the phone not to look like a jerk
to a busload of sheeple who would silently smirk

my anticipation grew greater
called back an hour later
“quit wasting my money cuz you’re wasting your breath”
a tightness grew in my chest
“you dissed me flat out, i’ve got nothing to say”
haven’t spoken a word since that day

i guess i wasn’t enough for that -ugh ah fuck it-