i got this e-mail last night from a certain ‘tim taylor’ (obviously ripping off tim allen’s home improvement character’s name). it seems he was disconcerted by one of my many anti-bush jeremiads to be found throughout this here website. his message read like this:

From: Tim Taylor
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 01:13:17 -0500

Hope your lease is up soon. Canada can use more socialist whiners like you. As for me, I just renewed my memberships to The Republican National Committee and The NRA.

to this i responded:

socialist whiner? i’m a real american civil libertarian fella. i don’t believe in socialism unless it’s voluntary. and who’s whining? why is it that an earnest voice of dissent appears to you as whining? as a free-thinking american citizen, i am entitled to my own political beliefs, as are you sir. and while we may not agree, i myself shall not stoop to a level of ridicule, rather than to approach the matter on a level of intelligent debate.

get over it? bush only won because he had three judges in his pocket… newsweek reported months ago that sandra day o’connor was caught at a party, the night of the election, flipping out because gore was winning. her husband explained to the alarmed guests that she is retiring and wants to make sure a republican appoints a new judge to her seat [1]. furthermore, scalia’s sons work for the law firms that were representing bush in florida and washington d.c. [2], and clarence thomas’ wife was working reviewing applications for bush cabinet members [3]. that’s three very clear conflicts of interest. then there was the cleaning of the florida voter rolls by a conservative organization that lead to the disenfranchisement of thousands of black voters who are generally a democratic constituency [4], not to mention florida’s secretary of state katherine harris also being a bush campaign committee member [5]. by telling me to get over it, you are telling me to cast a sideways glance and ignore the obvious corruption that brought about this partisan ruling. where you and i differ, clearly, is that i feel it is my responsibility as an american citizen to speak up and let it be known that there was a breach of the public’s trust and that this concern must be addressed. rather, you’re trying to bully me into apathy with belligerent rhetoric. and you call yourself american? …by the by, gore won the popular vote, but who cares about him anyway?

i’m glad you’re an RNC fan. i hope that works out for you. you must make over $100,000 a year or be a middle-american christian-conservative, because you obviously are expecting to get something beneficial out of this administration. i on the other hand expect the worst, and with each passing day, witness its coming. for example, i love how there was an instant recession the second bush’s white house transition began. the guy wasn’t even moved in and he was predicting economic doom. every time that asshole opens his mouth the markets bottom out. and have you noticed that every time there’s a republican in office, we go to war? analyze the campaign funding spread and see how much cash bush received from the defense industry. then ask yourself why he’s fucking with columbia, iraq & china and why he’s inevitably going to knock down campaign finance reform.

look man, you know that both the RNC and the DNC are really just political machines constructed with the sole purpose of facilitating the needs of wealthy constituents who want legislation passed in their favor. you’ve just been tricked by a multitude of media & propaganda into believing that they exist to represent you. the fact is, they only represent the people who finance them: giant multinational corporations and the like. when the dems run against the GOP, it’s really two different collectives of corporations running against each other for control of the marketplace. it’s not really about the “issues,” like the war on drugs, abortion, or gun control. it’s about tricking you into thinking it’s about the issues so that they can use that as their pathway into the legislative process. they make you think they’re going to be your representatives just so they can get into office and shift the balance in their financiers’ favor.

honestly, if you truly value your civil rights, your personal freedom, and the dollars you slave to earn, then you will join an independent party that refuses to accept contributions from corporate entities and lobbyist groups. then we’ll have a true democratic process. but until then, all you’re really doing is partaking in a turf war between global conglomerates.

and as far as the NRA goes, i support the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. i just don’t see the necessity for owning a fully automatic assault rifle in the suburbs, unless you’re planning a standoff. abe lincoln -did- say that if the government becomes oppressive and infringes upon our constitutional rights, it is our duty to take up arms against the establishment. of course, the government knows this, and that’s really why they’re trying to take all the guns away. perhaps they’re just using the media right now to hype up school violence so they can find another excuse to pass tougher gun legislation. look, bear all the arms you want… but then ask yourself what you’re bearing them for. who do you need to protect yourself from? your neighbors? canada? some militant leftist new age fringe cult group? or uncle sam with his hands deep in your pockets? maybe the boys in blue with the sigsauers and the surveillance cameras on every electrical pole?

paradigm shift man. splash some water on your face and wake up. you’re doing your own self no justice.

…betcha he don’t even read it. sigh.