Never mind that the vast majority of terrorist plots “stopped” by the FBI since 9/11 were plots conceived, orchestrated, and armed by the FBI, carried out by individuals who were coaxed by the FBI into participation — bullied even in some cases — and whom were driven to their targets by the FBI.

Never mind that the FBI was surveilling Occupy Wall Street protesters, despite being engaged in Constitutionally-protected speech, or that the FBI has a long history of targeting people for their political speech.

Never mind that the DOJ has been surveilling journalists in an effort to prevent them from obtaining leaks, which violates the role of the press as an essential check on government power and infringes upon the Constitutionally-protected freedom of the press.

Never mind that the vast majority of Patriot Act data requests are used to investigate drug crimes, not terrorism — 107 times as many, from 2006-2009 alone.

Never mind that the War on Drugs is a $1.5 trillion dollar failure that has led to the incarceration of 1 out of every 15 black men in this country.

Never mind that when given access to private data, law enforcement has proven itself time and again as incapable of preventing abuses or protecting innocents from harm.

Never mind that our elected representatives regularly trade on classified intelligence for their own profit and go out of their way to shield their own personal information from public scrutiny.

Never mind that our government routinely fails to prevent attacks, even when it has actionable intelligence.

These people trust our government to amass a gigantic database of personal information on civilians suspected of no wrongdoing because only criminals and terrorists have an expectation of privacy.

And I think they’re idiots. So I made this to mock them.

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Artwork: Surveillance by Will Varner