Daniel Sieradski

Web developer, new media producer, and digital strategist. Front-end heavy full-stack developer and DevOps enthusiast. Advocacy journalist, digital organizer, and movement-builder with 10+ years experience in the nonprofit and digital news fields.

"An innovator in new media." —Editor and Publisher

Creator of The Nazi Detector and B.S. Detector browser plugins
Past founder of Jewschool.com, Occupy Judaism, and ProgressiveJews PAC



Can Twitter Purge Its Bots Without Killing Its Bottom Line?, Vanity Fair, Jun. 27, 2018GitHub Coders to Microsoft: Cut Ties With ICE or We'll 'Take Our Projects Elsewhere', Gizmodo, Jun. 21, 2018Twitter has a fix for its Nazi problem—but it won’t use it , The Daily Dot, Jun. 22, 2017Facebook warned people that a popular fake news detector might be “unsafe”, Quartz, Dec. 2, 2016Solving Facebook's Fake News Problem Takes Ten Lines of Javascript, Inverse, Nov. 15, 2016Digital Activist Creates ‘Nazi Detector’ Using Logic, Database of Neo-Nazi (((Echo))) Plug-In, The Algemeiner, Jun. 29, 2016Google caught in anti-Semitism flap, CNET, Apr. 9, 2004


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